PET Release Foil 25/38

This universal usable Release Foil is perfectly suited for production of multilayer printed circuit boards and flexible circuits as well as isolating materials. The release properties of this foil are excelling those of most synthetics such as epoxy-, melamin- and phenol resin compounds and it has a high elasticity and tensile strength. Ideal for a moulding pressure up to 210 °C this foil is layered on both sides with an anorganic silicium compound, without losing the release capacities.



  • Usable for a molding temperature up to 210 °C
  • Very little shrinking, no creases, no warpages
  • Leveling effect on the surface for embedding of elevated structures
  • Low requirements of storage conditions (-30 up to +30°C)
  • Suitable as well for high pressure laminates up to 150 bar (1500N/cm²)
  • Mouldable against Aluminium and steel sheets, pressure equaling foils or presspads made from cellulose or cotton
  • No inclusions, bubbles or pinholes
  • Not inflammable