Standard FR4 base material according to IPC4101-21.

Our IT 140 base material is produced with a tetra functional DICY-hardened epoxy resin laminate with a glass transition temperature TG of ≥ 135°C (DSC) according to IPC 4101-21.
The laminate convinces by having an excellent thermal reliability combined with a magnificent peel strength (copper).

It is optional available with different structures, thickness of the substrate and copper claddings.
Generally, the IT 140 is produced with an UV-blocker.

Complies with RoHS, UL94 V-0 and is certified according to der DIN EN Iso 11925-2 F1 / EN 45545-2 (R22/R23/R25) and UNI CEI 11170.
Additionally, it has the VDE certificate DIN EN 60065 (VDE 0860):2011-10.